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Light-duty Towing

Our towing professionals are trained to handle lightweight vehicles safely and securely, minimizing the risk of damage to your car. Using Taffy’s Auto Towing & Roadside eliminates the need for you to worry about how you will transport your disabled or broken-down vehicle.

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Medium-duty Towing

You can be confident that your RV or Motorhome will be well-cared by our professional and skilled tow crew. We have the most up-to-date equipment for any type of towing situation and specialize in assisting light to medium duty vehicles! We understand the stress of the vehicle’s when someone calls us for a tow, so we make sure that we’ll get there in only 30 minutes or even less!

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Heavy-duty Towing

Our Heavy-duty towing services are essential for anyone who owns or operates large vehicles or equipment. When you need a reliable and professional towing service, just call Taffy’s Auto Towing & Roadside we have the experience, equipment, and training needed to get the job done safely and efficiently.

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We are equipped to deal with any situation.

Our company, Taffy's Auto Towing & Roadside, is known for its honesty, dependability, and punctuality. Your equipment can be safely delivered and transported by our company. We can finish the job professionally and safely due to our experience. Our towing team is made up of knowledgeable and skilled people. Tow trucks are professionally maintained and kept up to date with the most latest towing standards and technology in order to offer a high level of service.

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About Us

We are aware that getting stuck on the side of the road is never a fun situation. We are committed to offering timely, dependable tow truck service day and night because of this. Our crew is ready to help, whether you need a tow truck to get your car to the mechanic or roadside assistance to get you moving again. We make an effort to handle every customer’s vehicle as though it were our own. You can be sure that when you contact Taffy’s Auto Towing & Roadside, you will get outstanding service from a business that actually cares.

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If your automobile becomes stuck in the mud, snow, loose dirt, or on any other terrain it can't escape, a winch is a need. Your car will be lifted and pulled away from the danger swiftly and conveniently by our team.


You can rely on Taffy's Auto Towing & Roadside to provide you with the gasoline your vehicle needs promptly and hassle-free. Call us as soon as possible for a price and the most exact ETA.


Our locksmiths are equipped with the gear needed to quickly re-enter your vehicle and are educated in the most latest lockout techniques. In addition, our prices are affordable, so don't be afraid to call us if you ever find yourself locked out; we'll be there for you.


Would you wish to avoid having a flat tire's inconvenience? Our tire changing service is available around-the-clock and our skilled drivers are ready to help you wherever you are in Green Bay, WI. For a free quote, contact us right now.


Jumper cables are frequently thought of as a quick remedy for a dead battery, but you might really cause more damage by trying to jump start your own automobile. If you're not careful, you can end up doing significant harm to your car. Even if you are able to jumpstart your automobile, the issue can come up again in the future. Expert roadside provider like Taffy’s Auto Towing & Roadside can assist with problem diagnosis and safely perform a jump on your car. Give us a call before attempting to jump your own car, and we'll be pleased to assist you quickly.


You don't need to worry about being towed; just call Taffy's Auto Towing & Roadside and leave everything in the hands of our knowledgeable experts.

Green Bay, Wisconsin tow trucks near me


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